“In April 2021 I felt my life/world was falling apart and everything was getting on top of me, I had been to the doctor who told me I had mild depression and offered me some pills which I was reluctant to take in case I became addicted.  I tried them for 3 weeks but was of the opinion a pill isn’t going to take my issues away, I knew what the issues were but didn’t know how to deal with them and pull myself back up the ladder, in 2020 I had suffered a redundancy due to covid and had to find another job, I had lost friends I worked with and had to start again, a sudden family bereavement , loss of friends who died due to covid, I had been ill with covid myself and my marriage had broken down and I had moved back home.

 I had contacted the NHS counselling to be lost in the spam and finally had a call to be told waiting is approx. 12-16 weeks I couldn’t wait that long so set about finding a private counsellor.  I look on the net and read a few profiles that were on offer but Margaret (Peggy) Sweeney stood out for me her profile was warm and inviting her photo look caring and things she could offer were things I was suffering from, I took the plunge and made the call, one of the scariest things I had done.  I felt stupid I am a woman in her 40s and needing help what is that all about??  Peggy took that negativity away in the first few minutes she made me feel normal and not stupid for wanting help!  We had a consultation and agreed a meeting to which I couldn’t wait to hear off her again, I had a weekly session for 4 weeks and then a session every 2 weeks for a further 4 weeks so after 8 sessions I am back I am me again she has been an absolute rock and her therapy has helped me so much and I just cannot thank her enough as I felt there was no way of getting back on top of things, she helped me see each situation from the side lines and not from within, she helped me realise that I can be wrong and how to deal with things differently, she made me realise that I do not have to put up with things that happen to me and that I can say no. 

 I would highly recommend this fabulous lady who has worked wonders for me and brought me back to life to where I am today, the old me the happy me, she has been worth every penny and more!!”